Hazmat Absorbents

oil absorbents

Hazmat Sheets and Rolls

Hazmat absorbent pads and rolls are used for the containment of hazardous and oil spills. They can be used for any general spill clean-up application. These products are made with 100% pure polypropylene with absorption capacity up to 25 times their own weight, and they are very resistant to chemical reactions.

oil absorbents

Camouflage Absorbents

If you wish to disguise the spill, we offer our hazmat absorbent rolls and pads with a camouflage cover. This will help for the spill to blend with the absorbents and is not as noticeable.

oil absorbents

Hazmat Socks

These socks are designed to absorb  any hazmat chemicals such as acids and alkalis as well as oil-based liquids. If you are unsure of what kind of spill has occurred, the hazmat universal socks will be the safest product to use.

oil absorbents

Hazmat Pillows

Hazmat pillows are designed to absorb any spill including acids and alkalis. They are effective in larger spills because of their capacity to absorb larger quantities.

hazmat absorbents

Multi-Fold Rolls

Using a multi-fold roll is a convenient way to absorb hazardous liquids. This product can be used in four different applications. It can be used as a sock, as a roll, as a pad, or as a wiper. Multi-fold rolls are also conveniently packaged in a dispenser box in order to minimize storage space.

oil absorbents

Hazmat Particulate

Loose particulates let you control the amount you want to use in case of a spill, They are ideal to be used in confined and hard to reach areas. These are specially designed to absorb acids and alkalis.

oil absorbents

Hazmat Booms

Hazmat booms are designed to be used to dike chemical spills on land. They are used to contain larger spills as they absorb large quantities of liquid. They are universal and therefore will absorb water-based acids and alkalis or oil-based liquids.